Welcome to all of you that visit Las pinturas de Polita today. I recognize the appreciation that brought you to visit this site which is the principal idea that was born many thousands of years ago in China: Feng Shui. After much investigation, I found out that there were more than 160 tribes and all of them with their own idea of what Feng Shui is; this is what gave me the idea of creating CASA SANA (Healthy House).

I have visited many houses and analyzed the lives of the people that lived in them, believe me there’s a relation. Why buy a painting showing well-presented images of horror when you can surround yourself with images that help you visualize the goals for your happiness or goals that are important to you.

We appreciate your support and we hope that this gallery serves as a place for you to share your thoughts. May the Light be in our lives!

And I hope that your Angel is as good as mine. I love my Angel who never abandons me.